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Created and manufactured by Refrigiwear
to withstand the rigors of the industrial workplace.

Ideal for extreme cold or wet conditions.  Designed to meet Refrigiwear's demanding specifications for durability and warmth.

Boot Tips for Optimum Safety and Care

Keep your feet dry! First, be sure to wear socks that wick moisture away from your feet and have an extra pair on hand for mid-day changes. Second, thoroughly dry the inside of your boots by wadding up newspaper and placing it inside the boot to absorb moisture. Fully open your boots and untie laces when drying.

Consider activity levels when deciding the proper insulation/comfort rating. If you're driving a tow motor, a higher level of insulation will be required to keep feet warm and safe. More active jobs require a lower insulation level. Also, if you have circulation problems, consider a higher level of insulation for increased safety.

Thermoplastic and steel toes are capable of resisting a heavy falling object. Safety toes protect you from injury and down-time.

Wet conditions require a boot that has more surface contact. Consider your environment and slip resistance ratings to choose the best boot.

Boots should not fit too tight. To provide proper insulation, some air space is needed between the foot and lining of the boot. When sizing boots, try them on with the socks you wear with them. Try our Leather Boot Sock/32 to go with leather boots or our SuperSock/36 to go with Pac Boots.

Never put leather boots near direct heat. It destroys the leather, melts the sole materials and causes bonding agents to loose their grip.

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Reggie Diamond/128

Reggie Platinum/123


Reggie Gold
Steel Toe/121S

Reggie Gold
 Plain Toe/121P


Reggie Classic/120

Sport Boot/119


Waterproof Hiker
 Steel Toe/117S

Waterproof Hiker
 Plain Toe/117P

Reggie Hiker/124


Sport Shoe/118




Antarctic Boot Liner/110L


Double Insulated/105




Thermolite Liner/105L




Super Boot/109


Super Boot Liner/109L




Leather Boot Sock/32


Wick Sock/33


Foot Warm-Up/HF1

43.50/case (40ct)

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