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Built to withstand the most harsh conditions, Refrigiwear is an industry leader in cold weather gear.  Click here to view the complete line or purchase items.

Developed to maintain temperatures of items or products during transport for both cold and hot applications. Click here here to view the complete line or purchase items.

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Each of our partners is a specialist in a unique area of the supply chain management...
Repair & Reprocess Distribution

By combining our talents we do what no other service provider can do, provide an integrated approach to your problems and logistical issues.  This is critical as many companies that lack our diverse range of skills solve one problem and create another one in the process.

We will work multiple shifts as needed to meet your delivery dates. 

102 Trinity St. Fairmont, NC 28340
866.818.6825  Fax: 910.628.7640

We understand the complete supply chain process, whether you are shipping to a mass retailer of doing fulfillment for e-commerce and provide well thought out, cost effective solutions as well as offer our help in creating procedures and methodologies to prevent these types of situations from recurring. 


We've just added 5,000 square feet to our existing 25,000 ft. warehouse.
Our Entire Warehouse has been protected by a fire suppression system.
We've recently added a Security Fence to protect Transported/Stored Goods.

Eric Miller
The service I received was excellent.  I highly recommend Total Solutions for their Embroidery services
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